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In this game there are two kinds of puzzles involved. The first type is the collect-a-thons puzzle in which the player is provided with an individual screen to discover and look for ten of a particular item. Although, there is no indication as to what should be collected, with frequent trial and error practices, you will soon find it out with ease. The other type of puzzle called item-based enigma make use of items which have been situated in different locations on purpose. Take note that some puzzles are apparent and simple while the others are exasperating.

The second kind of puzzle might comprise of making your coat dirty to look like a peasant or make out on what to do to open a locked door with the use of powdered sugar. There is also another kind of puzzle in which you need to move an eagle from its position which is on top of a passageway so that a secret passage will be opened. This entails constant trial and error practices until such time that moves are perfected to move on to the next level. However, the player can actually omit it or perhaps request for clues. Hint circles are typically seen in big blue stars for the object that you need.

There are but a few salient points to take into consideration as far as the the game is concerned. Firstly, the challenges you will be facing in puzzle solving will oblige you to pay attention to your list and make use of your brains. The interaction with the game’s characters aboard the ship will give you the opportunity to collect information and fundamental items. Since the game features fifteen chapters coupled with numerous scenes and miniature games, every particular scene is different due to waterline progression. Eventually, the dialog selection will give you the alternative to go after various paths in the game. Multiple endings as well are primarily generated depending on the dialogue choices.

As for the game’s writing, it is simply dreadful. Aside from the mistakes in spelling located at the DS back cover, the dialogues are filled with inconsistencies. The basic element in writing is inadequate. Furthermore, the audio aspect is reduced and as a result, Margaret’s chatter of complaints is inaudible.

With the game’s rating for teens, kids of these age groups will certainly find it amusing to play for about three to four hours. Despite the single player mode, they will still be enjoying the game considering that the game has point and tap adventure.