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Marine Sharpshooter 2: Jungle Warfare is loads better than the original game. It may also just be the best of the 5 budget friendly shooters that was developed by the company that came up with it. This should tell you just how bad the original games were but given that it has improved loads, this game still has a long way to go before it really leaves a mark on people who play it.

One example, and you may want to stop reading if you do not want any spoilers and you want to buy the game, but if you do not mind the spoilers, then just read on. You see, the spoiler is that the big boss that you will get to meet at the very end of the game is a Hutu strong guy that you would have been chasing across an impoverished sub Saharan nation called Burundi. He will be introduced in one cut scene that will make it seem like he may have run off somewhere and at that point, you will encounter what seems like an unending stream of rebel soldiers that come from some gorge. You might expect that being the big boss, he may act differently from the rest of the goons but, as luck would have it, he acts exactly like them. What makes things worse is that this fight happens at night, in the rain, which means that you really might have to use some sort of night vision equipment, which will make everyone look like identical green blobs. You might get some shots in at the boss but you won't even get any reaction from him; you might eventually wonder if it is indeed worth playing a game that has you chasing an unfeeling and very insignificant big boss.

It is very hard to expect much from a budget game really, but you would think that they would have at least tried to make something out of it. You can expect the developers to cut some corners because this is indeed a budget game. But still, nothing can excuse the fact that this game was very poorly designed. The boss battle isn't something that is just very poorly implemented but is one that comes from terrible inception. Added to the awful boss battle, the games will also offer some very traditional shortcomings one must expect from budget games; you will encounter some really annoying bugs, awful graphics and well, sad to say, very bad game play. The visuals are very bland and as you progress in the game, they become very repetitive. A lot of the fighting happens at night, which calls for night vision devices and makes things even more monotonous by turning everything a uniform green.

Another thing that you may have issues with is that the AI for the enemy is really very weak. The soldiers that you will be shooting at react to nothing, even when the people standing right next to them have their heads blown off. This make your targets seem like nothing more than just sitting ducks and really takes the thrill out of playing.