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If you like blowing everything up, then you have to know that this game is exactly for you. That is because Mercenaries 2 is all about blowing stuff up. If you are the kind of person who does not like to blow stuff up, then go on and move on to a deck of cards or something more staid and boring.

Now, if you are like those people who really get a kick out of demolishing buildings and tanks and setting foliage on fire, then this is one game that you will want to check out. It certainly is worth your attention and that is for sure. But you have to be warned however that for all the hours of fun you will get by blowing stuff up, there is a quite a price to be paid. You will have to deal with a lot of bugs and a mess of AI issues that may leave you feeling rather violent but for very different reasons. If you are willing to overlook the bugs however, then you are sure to enjoy the game.

When you start the game, you can choose from one of the three available characters. There is Matthias Nilsson, Jennifer Mui and Chris Jacobs; it is a given that each character will have his or her very unique traits. For instance, with Jen, you will find that she moves a lot faster when compared to the boys. Of course, these traits will not really have a very significant impact when it comes to the game and neither will they offer you anything new when it comes to the game play choices that you will have to make. Although you will notice that there will be some alterations when it comes to the dialogues for each character as a result. Rest assured that whomever you will choose, you will end with a character that is up to killing anything that comes in its way, for the right price of course.

The story isn’t all that deep, but the characters do deliver some really funny one liners delivered in really funky accents. One character, Matthias, might even remind you a bit of Mr. Freeze! You just agree to do a job for a guy named Ramon Solano who is a certified scumbag and who shows his thanks for a job well done by putting a bullet on your ass. So naturally, as any mercenary, doing nothing just wont do, you go out and get your revenge.

Again, it’s not a very deep game when it comes to the story and in fact, it is pretty standard. What saves it from being a complete disaster is the fact that you really get to blow a lot of stuff up and the characters are very interesting. The bugs may give you a hard time but again, if you are willing to ignore them, you will surely enjoy this game.