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Fuel is one very ambitious game that somehow manages to fall short despite trying to do a lot but doesn’t really manage to deliver in the areas that should count. With that said, there is really a lot to like in this post apocalyptic driving game.

There are a number of races that are really very cool and there are also some truly mind boggling courses and dozens of vehicles to choose from for you to drive. Another thing that adds to the fun is that the atmosphere and the environment are very well made so you are sure to enjoy them.

Now those are just the little things that count and yes, the little things do count for something when it comes to the game but yet, you have to make sure that you focus on the bigger picture since that is really what will make the game. When it comes to the bigger picture, the designers of the game sadly, did not manage to nail things down and that is why this game fails to live up to its promise. Mind you, it is just the basic things that they missed and yet, it deters from the fin that could be had from this driving game.

For some reason, the racing just isn’t as thrilling as it should be and the AI seems flawed in the most fundamental sense. The huge world that it comes in doesn’t really give you a lot to do. While playing the game, you may get the feeling that there is always some great that is just struggling to come out and yet never truly emerges. The reason for that is while it does have its strengths, its shortcomings overshadow all its great points.

The greatest asset of this game, and also its greatest liability, is the sprawling open world that it comes in. It just happens that every event and challenge will be carved out from the gigantic and yet truly beautiful landscapes. There are hundreds of races, which you can partake in online and you will notice that none of them will be identical to each other. There will often be little changes to the races that help to vary the experience. There are some courses, like the sometime circuit race which have been cleverly designed to be fun to compete in. Some of the standouts will feature a bridge that is littered with lots of trash and ramps; this also cuts a rather winding path through an abandoned farm. There are some broader and longer courses that are also very well designed and can even prove to be exciting on some occasions.

There are plenty of things to be done in this game that will prove to be a joy at times, but just do not expect anything spectacular from it, because as mentioned, there are some things that just hold it back from being the great game that it can be. Don’t make a mistake and think that it is completely boring; it is not.