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Given that Mortimer Beckett somehow managed to get rid of the ghosts living in his uncle’s house in the first game, it has managed to open a sort of time portal which has allowed some modern day objects to pass in time and go straight into the past and end up in random places throughout time. In this follow up game, which you may have guessed is a hidden object game, the hero Mortimer must travel through time and collect all the objects.

Just like in the first game, the items that you will need to find in this game will be split into several pieces for you to hunt down. Once you have found all the pieces that are missing from the item, it will be placed in your inventory and you can use it to help you solve puzzles and the like. You can use a ladder and place it on the side of a building so you can use it to read the inscription on the banners on the roof. You can reverse the paradox by making sure that you put the items you have gathered back where they belong like for instance, putting a bunch of eggs back in the nest and stuff like that. Once Mortimer has managed to fix all the wrongs in one scene, he will then be able to receive a piece of his uncle’s Time Bomb which is really the key into sealing the time portals forever.

You will have 8 different stages to explore in this game; they range from the historical (such as the French Revolution plus ancient Egypt) to other locations where the lines between what is legend and what is history start to get blurry. It is fun to have the ability to interact with larger than life historical figures and also have the chance to help them as well. You can help King Louis XVI put on a disguise to escape the palace or you can give Hades back his helmet so he can be god of the underworld again.

There are some scenes, like an example is one rowdy tavern full of Vikings, or of two boys playing in front of a Marionette theatre in Parisian Streets; these scenes are well and truly wonderful but perhaps the best scenes are the ones where the portal shows up. These scenes are tricky and very entertaining.

It is quite tricky not to do a double take when you happen to spot a sign for the London underground located in the steps of a pyramid in Egypt or perhaps the Big Ben in the middle of the Nile river. It is always good for some kicks and is good for some laughs. The scenes are very richly made and add to that the sounds that are very appropriate. This game is a very well made game and one that you will surely enjoy playing especially if you like hidden object games. It makes for a very good playing experience.