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This game is one of those that really goes out to prove that very good story telling will never go out of style. It keeps for ages and will entertain you for a very long time. That said, this game is a reimagination of the Bram Stoker classic that talks about the gothic tale of Dracula’s beginnings.

It is a very chilling and somewhat haunting tale that will have you thinking about creepy London streets and with gas lamps to boot. Although you may think that this is one of those stories that have been done to death, they way they went about the treatment of this tale is very nice and it shows great respect for the story and yet manages to be innovative at the same time. They take a bunch of familiar characters and make them go in the most amusing jaunts across Europe and the middle-east as well. Although there may just be too many pixel hunts in addition to logic puzzles that seem somewhat impossible to solve without consulting a walk-through guide, they aren’t nearly enough to ruin the fun of such a well told story.

Dracula: origins stays true to the original storyline of the Bram Stoker story but also adds to the story by adding new twists in some new areas and also changing the focus from that of an average drawing-room style horror into more of a detective story. You have the infamous vampire hunter Van Helsing as the main man instead of just being in his supporting role as in the book. He moves through a myriad of places just to go out and save Mina from Dracula who is hell bent on raising the dead. The story progresses in such a way that it looks like a mash up of Dracula, some Sherlock Holmes elements thrown in and perhaps reminiscent of some HP Lovecraft tales only not nearly as weird.

You may notice while playing the game that the script really doesn’t sound like what Stoker wrote but that may be a good thing and it shows that the game is truly excellent on its own as it attempts to take a more modern approach to the Victorian Gothic tale. The voice acting is really truly impressive if you are one for melodrama. Well, it is mostly Van Helsing who gets really worked up for the smallest things and also gets somewhat uptight over minute annoyances such as a locked door. Maybe it’s just the stress but poor Van Helsing could easily get a role in a Mexican soap opera one of these days.

It is entertaining and it is worth every bit of your money but it has its drawback such as the game play. It may make you feel like you are playing a point and click game that was developed some 20 years ago. But if you like these kinds of games and you are a fan of Bram Stoker’s Dracula, then by all means go ahead and give it a try. This will prove to be a great game despite its drawbacks and as was mentioned earlier, great story telling never goes out of style.