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Anyone up for some virtual violence that will get your blood pumping; well brace yourself because the bald contract killer who goes by the name 47 is back and he is primed for some major battles in the newest instalment in the very stylish Hitman series.

Though it may look to you as if this latest instalment is very much the same as the first two games of the series; there is an open-ended stealth action game play being offered by Hitman: Blood Money that makes the game as exciting and as it ever was. They have added some twists to the formula, a story that is very intriguing and a diverse cinematic series of missions that are very memorable. These alone make it worth your while and your money to play Blood Money.

If you just happen to be new to the series, you will be very happy with this game and may even hunt down the others that came before it. As a matter of fact, if you have never played the previous games then you may be happier with it compared to the ones that have played the previous games. But rest assured that in order for you to play this game, no previous experience from the other games is required at all. It is a standalone game although you might get tempted to play the ones that came before it. But for those of you who have played the game before, you will find the game to be somewhat comfortable in its familiarity although it is by no means predictable.

You will notice that there are some allusions to the stories of the previous games wherein bald 47 finds out that the people who employed him are receiving threats from some shady agency; he will continue to find out more about this shady agency as he goes about doing his jobs. As you go along completing job after job, you will find out more and more data and it all blows up in what may just be a seriously shocking and very climactic ending.

The first mission sort of leads you by the nose into what may be a typical assignment for 47- he has to eliminate┬Ł a theme park operator who gives a whole new meaning to the word shady┬Ł. This guy is a complete monster and his negligence resulted in the death of some theme park goers. But that is just the first and as you go about the game, you will encounter more than a dozen other missions all set in different areas in the United States. There are some infamous scenes that you will see such as a Mardi Gras party in New Orleans and some famous scenes in Las Vegas as well.

This is a very compelling game that will certainly get you hooked; and while 47 may be a bald hired killer, he certainly has enough class to pull this story of. If you love some assassination games with style to rival 007, then this one is perfect for you.