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Underworld is a sequel from Legend. The developers are kind enough to acquaint new gamers by installing a video that summarizes the whole story to make everyone catch up. The game starts as Lara is led to an ancient Mediterranean Sea floor ruin by her exploration. As she begins to make some investigations, she makes a surprising discovery. The site that housed evidences about the existence of Thor’s hammer, wielded by the God of Thunder is true. The discovery is also linked to the truth behind the mysteries of the Norse mythology. The story is well fabricated, mostly with what you expect from a Tomb Raider game installment. Fans will not be disappointed. Your need for exploration will be the fuel as you uncover each puzzle.

The game still stores Lara’s flexibility and athletic movements seen on the previous releases. The Agility and the speed are still practically the same with additional freedom and control. You can easily manipulate Lara’s movements as she swiftly moves through each obstacle. One of the new features of the game is the removal of the quick time events in Situation Adrenaline. In Underworld, you don’t have to look on pop ups that tell you what to do instead, the game developer made you feel the action exactly and to react on it to avoid an incoming threat. Another new is Lara’s ability to fire on two enemies from different locations at the same time. Lara is also equipped with sticky grenades that would make a good timely kill. The adrenaline system is another breakthrough. When triggered, it works by slowing down the actions of the enemy and makes your hits stronger. The adrenaline is built up with continuous melee attacks and firing a bullet that hits the mark. You can release one anytime.

As with any game, there are two major issues with this release. One is the clipping and object detection issues that greatly affects the game despite what console you may be playing it with. Another is the camera view. There will be times that it automatically goes from one angle to another without any commands from the player. This would be fine if it doesn’t interfere with the view but there are times it would and you don’t know if you’re jumping to the right direction.

The game is made with high-end graphics and the sound is great too. There are a lot of things in the game better experienced than read in reviews. Surely, playing Tomb Raider: Underworld will reach your high expectations or even surpass them.