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The Ferrari Challenge is not actually that boring. It also has its share of exciting features such as a good number of race tracks and amazing race physics. Players may get a realistic feel while virtually racing a Ferrari car but its lack of variety would eventually wane the players' interest. To get a picture on how monotonous this game can be, take a look at its F430 Challenge. This game is on single-player mode and simulates actual Ferrari racing which happens in Italy, North America and Europe. A season takes four hours to complete and since there are three different seasons, it would take you approximately 12 hours to complete the game and within 12 hours, you would only be driving a single type of Ferrari car which can be real monotonous even for the top Ferrari car enthusiast.

If you do not want to race using a single Ferrari car for three seasons, then that's too bad because you cannot unlock the more than 50 cars waiting to be raced unless you finish F430 Challenge. If you finish the said challenge, you would be able to use the other cars that range from modern to classic models. As you race along, you will get credits you can use to purchase cars from the in-game store which you can use to race in other single-player races. There are also mini-tournaments and races done on simulated tracks from all over the globe such as in Monza, Infineon and also on Ferrari's home track, Fiorano.

Ferrari Challenge is not that archaic to be classified as an arcade game but it is also not at par with other digital games that are currently offered in the market. It is suitable for beginners as it has controls that are easier to navigate and can get you easier back on track but one of the downsides of this game is that, for its single-player modes, the race features similar types of cars so you would have to rely on your driving skills rather than on horsepower and speed up features to win the race. On the other hand, the good part about this one is that you can somehow customize your racing car in order to enhance its performance but the adjustments are limited to damper strength, alignment and ride heights. You can also apply vinyl on your racing car's surface but you cannot give it a more personalized look such as stick logos on it or import your own image.

Finally, the cars featured on Ferrari Challenge are the best from the company but its graphics do not provide justice to its original versions. If you are a Ferrari enthusiast, it would be good to have this game but if racing is your thing, you should take a look at other racing games for a more realistic and exciting virtual racing experience instead.