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The gameplay is based entirely around driving, with no on-foot action at all! Controlling vehicles is done by holding the Wii Mote or by using other Wii peripherals. The gamer plays as Zach Harper, a somehow ousted emergency hero in the city of San Alto, He was forced out of the city after a training accident that killed one of his colleagues. Eventually, or rather, predictably, he is then called back when a gang, led by a mysterious figure, (You can guess who) starts terrorizing the city. While the plot unfolds, you could almost accurately guess what happens next.

Emergency Heroes features some of the most predictable plotting, one-dimensional characterization, and crappy dialogue ever in a video game. The game controls, although functional, result in the vehicles suffering from poor handing and, even worse, all the vehicles available to play in the game handle the same! Very bad AI and lack of realism spoil the feel of the game, even the smallest police cars are able to smash a huge civilian trucks off the road. And there’s no punishment for crashing cars on the road, go ahead and just close your eyes and drive!

The game then progresses to 40 preset missions, repetitive, unending, boring missions. However, there is still a little bright light, as there are some missions where you can do something else than sleep and drive, like: putting out fires, saving civilians, or inflicting enough damage on an enemy car to knock it off of the road. Though the lack of variety through out the game of 40 missions will eat through your veins and quickly become boring, you might just eat the Wii Mote for fun.

Yes, it is an open-world game and that means you can drive around, smash more vehicles (since you can’t get out of your vehicle and go on-foot). Keep smashing and crashing and doing it over and over again. The big problem is, the display is insanely low tech, and the graphics is just a touch better than crap, and the city of San Alto somehow lacks landmarks, pedestrians, and general points of interest like jumping your vehicle on something worth jumping over. There is such a huge list of bugs and design flaws in the game too, your vehicle might bounce off another car, GPS might sometime point you to an entirely wrong place, and characters' heads pop up in the middle of the screen and block your view of the road, for no other reason than to offer up another line of meaningless dialogue.

The multiplayer mode make the already long five-hour single-player game much longer, and worse is they use the same mission type which not surprisingly are as boring with friends as they are when played alone. The game supports two players via split-screen mode, and has seven multiplayer game modes in total once you've unlocked them by playing through the single-player game.

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