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Ubisoft developed the franchise of Combat of Giants where the main attractions are the titanic monsters like Dinosaurs and Dragons. In Combat of Giants: Mutant Insects, just as the title implies the main attraction are the giant insects or rather the mutant insects.

The game features four giant insects, praying mantis, flying ants, spiders and scorpions. This in itself is already disappointing especially for those who are aware that spiders and scorpions are technically arachnids, not insects. This basic error clearly shows that the developers were not really all into the right information and probably made the decision to include these two for they are nightmarish when blown up into titanic proportions.

The gamer is made to choose between the three available insects at the beginning of the game but if they want to shift to another in the middle of the game they could do this easily. The player can develop their insect by constantly upgrading their body parts. The colors could even be customized to the preferences of the player. The mutations or upgrades can be done with the gems earned when tasks are completed. However, the gems won are limited so the player who wants to continuously upgrade should think well before making a final decision, it can cost a lot to improve the insect!

As is expected from new DS titles, the touch screen is depended upon by the player throughout the game. The simple task of walking or running has to be controlled by touch while taps can control the insect’s destructive skills. However, the combat controls remain basically the same and it can be a bit annoying especially as each insect can lose their health when they are hit. The health bar indicates the overall health of the insect and it can be annoying when a simple defence move cannot be done because the health is low.

The battle comes out monotonous and most of the time there is a need to use exactly the same tactics for each opponent. Despite the fact that there are four different zones within the games, the games come out identical but for the layout.

The one main thing that is disappointing with Combat of Giants: Mutant Insects is the lack of insects. Choosing between only four insects is simply not enough so it comes out unchallenging. It does not help that despite the difference in the way the insects look, they act and behave identically. It would have been great if the insects each had their own unique abilities which the gamer could exploit while playing. Sadly, it falls short on that aspect and it does not help that the combat sequences are not well developed either. So what should have been a great game comes out lacking in the end.