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If you are one of the very few people who do not have an idea what Truth or Dare is, well it is a game typically played by adolescents during camps or sleep-overs. The game is about giving truthful answers to questions thought up by your friends but if you do not want to provide honest answers, you can always opt to do what they would challenge you to do instead. The dares are usually what makes this game exciting but unfortunately, this element was taken out in Truth or Lies. So in essence, this game is just about asking your friends and family endless questions which can get to be so boring in the long run.

Truth or Lies is played using a USB connected or wireless microphone. It can be played by up to seven people in Normal or Hot Seat modes. For you to be able to start the game you need to answer three questions and provide honest answers and another three questions with untruthful answers to set up your voice tone. You also have to set up a profile and choose a set of questions suited to the relationship and age of the players. There are set of questions suitable for children, adolescents, adults, families and partners.

The questions asked in the game are generally wholesome and quite suitable for the type of setting opted by players. However, there are some questions that seem to have gotten mixed up like a question about how one thinks about his boss on the teenage section. Players can opt to pass three times throughout the game if he doesnÂ’t feel like answering the question on hand.

Players accumulate scores in Normal mode by answering the questions truthfully and the player who gets the highest points wins. This game can be fun if it is accurate and consistent enough in judging the answers but no matter how you adjust the settings at the start of the game, the results can still be frustrating when it gives the wrong scores regardless of how accurate your answers are.

Another game mode is the Hot Seat. Players take turn in taking the hot seat and participants get to ask five daring questions which they personally thought up, to the person on the spot. Unfortunately, because you cannot rely on the accuracy of Truth or Lies, you end up feeling disappointed and annoyed instead of having a good, quality time.

If you want to spend your $40 wisely, grab some bottles of beer and gather your friends to play actual Truth or Dare instead and save yourselves from shabby questions and annoying announcer.