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Trauma Center is a game that simulates the surgical procedures that usually happen in a typical surgical center like removing tumors or bullets, sewing up cuts and draining blood. Despite its bloody graphics, the game can still pass for a family-friendly console with levels of difficulty that will leave the entire family wanting to play some more.

The game is about things that normally happen in a surgical world and how the main characters, Valerie Blaylock and Markus Vaughn practice their profession. The game exhibits long, dull dialogues that you would most probably skip with the use of A button on the controller. Besides, youÂ’d want to skip the dreary dialogues to get right on to the bottom of surgical procedures through your chosen character. While most Wii offer countless mini-games during the course of the game, Trauma Center will develop your surgical capacities in removing tumors, draining blood or stitching open wounds. After hours of playing this game, you will become an adept player and can practice this profession like a pro even on a game set up.

The game can have long and sensitive surgeries which could result to a patient dying and the main characters leaving the profession out of humiliation. There are also some points that make achieving your goals more difficult such as the game falls short in providing important information and because of lack information, you could easily send your patient to the morgue instead of recovery area.

Trauma Center is commendable in terms of coming up with ingenious concepts that make the game look fresh unlike the stale mini-games. What makes the game challenging, aside from ultimately treating the patients, is battling with different viruses such as Stigma. As the game progresses, you will encounter a good number of stigmas and the cases gets more challenging to resolve. If the challenges are too difficult for you or if you just want to have more fun, you can always invite a second player to join in and you can work on the same patient. Each player is provided with adequate tools and equipments and each can operate without any restrictions unlike other games where the second player is more like an assistant, not a player.

As a whole, Trauma Center: New Blood is an enjoyable Wii game, save for the uninteresting dialogues and dull background music. Although some of the surgical procedures can be frustrating, New Blood in general, offers a fresh and inventive approach on how video games should be; exciting, challenging and one that requires skills and mental work to complete it successfully.