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Right when the booming of Xbox Live was at its bloom, there has always been an option to play MotoGP. Lasting fans of the THQ's two-wheel racing series may recall a totally playable demo for the game. Since the release of the MotoGP series, game developers have built their reputation in terms of attractive graphics, handle challenges, and one of the best online racing series there is. THQ and Climax have developed another massive leap with MotoGP '07 that will still continue to gain long-time fans.

As with the last few series installments, MotoGP ’07 is fragmented into extreme mode and grand prix events. The grand prix races are held on realistic tracks which include the Misano which is new to the series. You can also choose from real-life MotoGP stars like Nicky Hayden, Valentino Rossi, Kenny Roberts, Jr., among others. In extreme mode, on the other hand, everything changes and fuels up. There are the different bikes styled in various themes, interesting fictional riders, and tracks inspired by hardcore racing environment. Races in extreme mode also tend to be quicker and more lax than the staid grand prix races.

The handling of the bike, moreover, tends to be more permissive in extreme races and of course, easy to power slide around the corners just by double-tapping the gas. However, there is one confusing aspect in bike handling that is almost noticeable especially when doing an exit from corners. You will usually see the end of the bike wagging. This is perhaps either the visual emulation of the developer or a sort of warning system to inform you when the bike's rear is about to flop. But regardless, you can still infer that the animation is just exaggerated.

You can also do offline competition with MotoGP '07, as with other game play. You will still be in for many surprises on offline competition but in certain events, you will take the checkered flag or struggle to finish on the podium against other riders.

The single-player game of MotoGP '07 surely offers interesting and worthwhile game play, right from the flexible customization options to the rewards system that allows for race-won credits like braking, acceleration, cornering, and top speed. Ultimately, MotoGP '07 offers promising quality to gamers, whether in its audio or gaming aspect.