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With a World War II setting in France, the developers of the game took advantage of having an action and strategic game in one, but wasn’t able to cut it in terms of this attempt of a gameplay. Thanks to the multiplayer mode, this game can be played with fun.

3 of Europe’s braves take part on a War with the Nazis. J.D. Tyler on rifles and likes to bombard enemy vehicles, Deuce Williams on bazooka and expert on close hand combat, and there’s Tommy Mac who’s on flamethrower and gas grenades. Story goes as they are tracking down some German generals and Spiritual Leaders, ally with the Le Resistance and so forth. With a great storyline and cut scenes, a great impact in-game fillers.

Like most games you start off with the stock and not-so-reliable weapons. And as the game progresses, you’re going to get better weapons. But frustration is not far from this as well, with the lack of splash damage and bad aiming even in your talent of accuracy. You can never tell whether it’s the equipment or the game but definitely the aim is an issue, good thing there is that old school crosshair that moves on its own. And with the frustrating splash damage that was not properly calculated making a sniper out of a canon type glitch.

On single player mode, players are given easy to understand level progression where you would never be lost despite the turn of events in-game. Your characters can easily die from those accurate Nazis, but you are respawned on an earlier save point.

With the ground cover you have in game, with the armory, motor pool and radio tower, 3 soldiers isn’t enough to defeat the enemies. With FUs or field units, you can summoned through air-drop and sent down for support. And managing your support is as easy as saying destruction on demand.

Multiplayer mode with the Outfit is fun, there is death match, and capture the flag. Playable up to three-on-three. With controls as similar as single player it would be fun and a lot of maps to choose from. And there is also a single player through online and then co-op mode, which really gives a different spice in-game. Despite the graphics which is a bit boxy without the high definition and repetitive actions, the Outfit has given time and effort on giving players a chance to destroy everything in its path, well almost everything. But definitely, it’s fun blowing up things in-game.

The game has great sounds and effects to it. And the actors have been provided with the right voice to convince you they are strong fearless soldiers. But some support actors though has that fake or weak accent. Totally the Game has been saved with its multiplayer option and capability to go online, despite the single player mode which is repetitive. The game has redeemed itself. And can definitely be enjoyed with another player.