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One of the greatest things about the series has always been the characters. They have been unique, hand-drawn, and all detailed with specific strengths and weaknesses that balance out well. This new version brings a few new players into that arena, as well as a couple of new game types, and a new story for the universe.

The fighting in this title is done with four different kinds of attacks. These are weak, medium, strong, and Drive attacks. The Drive attack is essentially a character-specific attack that is easily accessible for anyone picking up the remote. Incorporating Drive attacks into your normal repertoire allows some characters to change the way their weak, medium, and strong attacks function thereafter, too.

Lots of new modes add to the experience for players. One of these is the Beginner Mode. This mode is not something that anyone who’s ever played a fighting game before should mess with, but for players who are younger or who’ve never tried fighting games, the ability to utilize button-mashing to implement awesome combos is a pretty cool addition. Another mode is the tutorial mode, which gives players the chance to interact with their character as they run through all the different moves that are available to the character. This includes basic moves, as well as all the different cancels and counters that are available. Yet another mode is the challenge system, which gives players a chance to learn and practice the advanced moves that are available.

Another mode that is not exactly new, but is included on a console version for the first time, is Legion mode. This mode has your character taking over points on a map and then fighting whoever’s guarding that point. Once defeated, your player gets to choose an enemy that they defeated to add to their army. The addition of the strategy elements are nice, and spice the game up, but once you play through it once, the placements aren’t randomized, so it will essentially be the same game every time you play, unless you change difficulty. There was an opportunity to make this mode even more involving, but the game designers chose not to implement it.

If you’re a fan of the fighting game genre, then BlazBlue: Continuum Shift is one of those games that you’ll have to have on your list of games to get. Despite the similarities to the earlier BlazBlue games, there is enough new content with new players and new game modes to make it worth purchasing, even if you have the earlier game. It’s the same old style of game, with a whole lot of new features to make it worth your time.