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The game is about negative feelings and actions like pain, betrayal, and self-harm. The story revolves around an ordinary American student named Darren Michaels, a.k.a. Adrian Gordon. Michaels will discover that he is the last heir of a cursed British estate. To add up to the twist, he is actually possessed by an ancestor named Mordred who surfaces in an untimely manner to scare people who get in the way.

Mordred’s English voice is like a Darth Vadar impersonation in a comedy skit. Maybe because the game is developed in Germany and that the German version could have been better. Darren’s voice however, is better but still not far from Mordred’s comedic one.

You’ll be amazed how they make such superb background. The Gothic castles that are softly-lit bring you a mixture of horror and excitement that makes you want more. The Autumn forests are very refreshing together with the music that accompanies the panoramic view. The overall picture will give you a feeling of suspense that makes you on-guard always.

The characters are interesting. The local entrepreneur who made a tourist market in the middle of the obvious scenery of murders happening on that place is an attraction. In one stop, he’ll ask for a pose holding a knife then makes a life-size standee of you displayed at the hotel lobby.

The puzzles are very interesting too. You get your own share of complexity in several layers. The funny thing is that Black Mirror 3 is one of the games wherein you know what or where to go next but you’ll surely be crazy of how you will unlock the five obscure things you need to get there. You’ll also get a handful of locations, items, and characters that mix and matching itself is an adventure.

Black Mirror 3 is really one massive and complicated game especially with the puzzles. One thing is that even if you have all the answers or you know where your next stop is, you may still be tempted to look up on cheats and you may want to quit long before but you may regret it if you do.

The ending was worth it if you want to experience a good scare. The additional features from Black Mirror 2 were great too. One drawback perhaps is the metaphysical mini-games like one where you need to reassemble a whole human skeleton. Better make that anatomy book at hand at all times.

On second thought, Black Mirror 3 is for those who want to scare themselves. It may not be harmonious at all for some. There are good points while they possess bad points too. Some people just forget the game should give suspense and horror to the characters and not the gamers itself.