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No matter the bumpy ride, Hell’s Highway is exciting and stimulating. Brother’s in Arms: Hell’s Highway is a great mixture of first person shooting and squad control. The graphics lend a detailed and vibrant environment that makes the battles edgy. Add in the characters and the incredible action sequences and the result is a truly great game to watch and experience. The downsides can be ignored for they are just dealing with some irregularities in textures and the story line is a bit recycled.

The Brothers in Arms series are really distinctive in the world of WWII first shooter games. The third installment, Hell’s Highway, sticks close to the formula that made the first two great games. The gamer gets to command the squads in the middle of a territory controlled by the dreaded Nazis and thanks to fantastic graphics, the action that takes place is incredibly astounding. The character being played is none other than Sergeant Baker and his squad is a ragtag group of characters that are both endearing and tough at the same time. Although the storyline does not really follow through, it doesn’t really matter for the game is as intense as it is incredibly thrilling and the gamer is sure to forget the little hiccups for it does not do anything to the gameplay in any way.

The gameplay includes developing relationships between squad members and the management of same squad. It is very important to consider the individual differences to get the full potential out of these men under the command. There is a lot of strategy and killing involved, just like any first shooter games, but the atmosphere changes at the loss of any or one of the men. In the end, it is not only a truly compelling first shooter game, but it can be an emotional rollercoaster not found in others of the genre.

Although many would say that the squad combat plays too strong a role in the game, this is just part of the disparity that makes the whole thing work. There are excesses here and there and it can be surprisingly disgusting at times but it is way too cool to despair over.

There are individual or single player modes but there is also the multiplayer mode that is interesting and antes up the gameplay factor. There are twists in every turn and it just continues to surprise the gamer every single time. It does not really matter that the storyline is a bit spotty, no one really cares. What is important is that the game is enough to capture the imagination and the action is non-stop.

The character play and the relationship of the squad is the driving force that keeps the gamer playing and emotionally twisted into knots. It is a powerful game in that at the end of it, not only with the developing relationships flourishing but the constant challenges thrown the squad’s way. Ultimately, this is a great game, first-shooter and relationships aside. And it totally rocks that the graphics and narrative are excellently developed and pursued.