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The story in Prince Caspian follows the second book in the series, in addition adding a portion to the story that seeks to fill in the thousand-plus year gap between books. In the game, Narnia is overrun by the Telmarines and your talking-animal friends have been forced to hide in the wilderness. The player has to take control of over twenty different characters from the movie and help Prince Caspian free the kingdom.

The gameplay traverses six stages in a number of different locations. You'll find yourself controlling the children from the movie, as well as the mythical creatures, through a diverse range of mission types, such as large battles, castle destruction levels, and escapes. The gameplay has a potential to be somewhat repetitive as you go through the maps, but there is a variety between puzzle-solving, and action. In addition, there are a few moments that make a person happy to play the game, such as when you get to ride on the back of a giant, and smash catapults. Having all the variety is nice, though it has to be played through in a pretty linear fashion to fit the entire story in.

The action itself isn't extremely difficult, or intense. Users play with the Wii Remote and perform actions like attacking by swinging the remote sideways or downward, and throwing rocks or items by swooping gestures up, or down. The B button also will allow players to do such things as open chests or push items, but for the most part you'll be swinging the remote to accomplish things. It's the sort of game that could really use a control pad, but the classic controller is unfortunately not supported.

Once you figure out how to wield your Wii Remote, that's about as deep as the gameplay goes. You don't unlock new moves, or skills as you traverse the levels, and the extent of the upgrades that there are offered are a couple of weapons that give additional skills, or the addition of a shield that improves your defense. Either of these could have allowed for new Wii Remote moves to be thrown in the mix, but the game designers didn't include them.

The puzzles, too, are pretty simple to figure out. Most involve figuring out what piece is missing from a lever, finding that piece, and then pulling the lever. Since this game is mostly geared towards children, though, the easier puzzles are understandable. A couple of the puzzles involved switching between your characters to find the one that has the skill needed to accomplish some task, which was fun.

When you put it all together, you find that Chronicles of Narnia, Prince Caspian isn't a royal adventure, but it's better than a lot of movie-based games. If you've seen the movie and really want to get involved, this game offers a pretty decent recreation.