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When you start the game, you can select from one of six pre-rolled characters that all differ in their style of play. You have to choose whether you want to fight for good or evil in the land of Ancaria, though the gameplay is essentially the same no matter which side you choose. Throughout the land there is trouble with the T-energy, which is distributed through the world in pipelines. Most of your time won’t be taken up dealing with that, however, with the number of quests that you’ll be involved in.

The world is extremely large, and as you travel in it, you’ll find a people all over that will have jobs for you to do. Because of this, you’ll find yourself continually diverted from the main story. That’s not such a bad thing because it lets you explore this diverse, interesting world. In addition, always having your next task on hand keeps you running from one area to the next.

Combat is similar to other games of this sort, with you firing off attacks as you encounter enemies in the game world. Kills lead to experience, which lead to levels, which lead to upgrades of your statistics and skills. There is a skill tree that is slowly expanded as you fight through the game, allowing you to customize your character for the style of play that best fits you. There are also special abilities unique to each character that can be awesome on the battlefield. Characters can also select a deity to worship which gives them further specialized powers.

One of the most obvious features of Sacred 2 is its appearance. This game looks gorgeous on the PS3, with vividly colored, detailed environments that you won’t ignore after running through them for a minute. There’s always something visually interesting to see, whether it’s the vast landscapes, or the detailed, unique character models for enemies. There are multiple versions of each enemies, and boss versions, that all lead up to an extremely immersive, visually beautiful experience.

The game has a couple of features that make it rather interesting to play online. One of these is that you can set your solo game to allow other players to drop into your world. This allows for changes to the game experience that no programmer can foresee. You can also play with your buddies with the optional free-play setting, plus you can engage in player-vs-player combat with competitive play.

While Sacred 2: Fallen Angel might not have all the story elements that make an action-RPG like this fun to play all the way to the end, it does tend to keep a gamer engaged. Add in beautiful visuals, and you have a hack-and-slash that is worth spending some time enjoying.