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The concept for this game is something that you may find straight out of a science fiction movie that is set in Mars or something like that really. You have a guy named Parker working on the red planet for some tyrannical corporation that works their guys to the bone; and suddenly, the workers just can’t take their suffering anymore and have decide to take matters in their own hands.

Parker finds himself in the midst of a battle against the cruel employers and their legion of heavily armed protectors. Throughout the game, you will be playing as Parker who is rather good looking and is a first person shooter who has a wide variety of weapons at his own disposal. This is a very enjoyable first person shooter game that will give anyone playing it a rocking good time, though that good time may not last very long as you may get about ten hours of play time from it. If you cannot get enough of it however, it does have some replay value that you may enjoy as well.

This game was quite clearly inspired by some earlier shooter game versions especially the game Half Life which was made by the same design studio. The formula for the game isn’t very different from the one they used on half life but it does seem like they refined it a tad bit. Just like with any decent shooter games out there, you will find that Red faction is a very responsive game when you use the keyboard and the mouse to play it. Being Parker, you will find that you are all in all very well protected against any attacks made by the enemy thanks to the red mining suit that you have been given. This red suit is so awesome that you can even use it to breathe underwater for an indefinite amount of time. Parker is a very fast runner and has very nice high jumps; plus, he can also tout a huge arsenal of weapons. By huge we are talking maybe about a dozen.

These weapons that he carries are pretty standard for this type of game and you can find that every other shooter game has the same type of weapons for their hero. But in red faction the weapons are very well done and you will certainly enjoy using them in defeating the tyrannical employers to be found in Mars. You will be fighting with guards who are very harsh, and by the way, they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes so you will have plenty of variety when it comes to the guards. Be warned though that the tougher guards have very good aim and they can also dodge any shots that you throw their way. They are also very good at running away especially during those times that they no longer have any ammunition to use against you. It might not be groundbreaking but it sure is a lot of fun to play.