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Not perfect by a long shot but still more than acceptable. Sacred Gold is a fantasy role playing game that features many of the usual characters like mages, gladiators and elves.

The gamer can select their own characters and then go on to the missions. Now what makes this different from all the rest? This one gives the player a sense of freedom in the gameplay, something that is absent from the others where one feels constricted and trapped.

Just like any role playing game, there is a need to go through the missions to earn the experience points and level up. The different characters are unique from each other so playing a different one can actually make a difference in the end. And no, it does not necessarily mean that a specific character played will win the game, it really depends on how the game is played and how that character uses their skills learned that will make them succeed in the end. Being an elf does not necessarily mean they can be better than the thief.

The graphics are decent but not fantastic in any way. The gamer can zoom in or out to view the screen which can encourage the gamer to explore the expanse rather than just stick to what is shown on the screen. If the gamer does decide to go out and explore, they can experience the hundreds of off the track quests that can earn them so many experience points and skills as well. Prepare to play more than 100 hours here and as it is so well done, this is a game that is really worth the penny used.

In Sacred Gold, the focus is in the Underworld and this then means having to use characters that dwell in this location: daemons and dwarves. If choosing a daemon, this is a demon that is now made to do good deeds and they have to get over their physical appearance, which is plainly demonic. The dwarves are short but stocky and really strong so they are a class all their own.

Now, this would not be a review if I do not mention the critiques. When playing, the gamer has to really pay attention to the minor details which they would ignore in other role playing games. In Sacred Gold, it is important to pay attention to these minor details for this will really affect the combat and can result to a number of issues.

The great thing about Sacred Gold is that there are a lot of online gamers playing with this right now and all it takes is to jump in and enjoy. There are different modes for player fighting so it is really a matter of choice which mode to choose. The graphics may be dated but it is still sharper than the others so I guess it is okay. And I noticed that it is because the graphics are dated that I did not experience any crashing, so event the older PCs can handle this well. In the end, I guess this is a really okay game to enjoy and with more than a hundred hours on it, this is one to enjoy for a long, long time.