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One thing that the Wii remote doesn’t do exceptionally well is menus, of which there are an enormous number in G1 Jockey. Fortunately, they are all controlled with the D-pad of the Wii Remote. This game is essentially a full-featured role-playing game which features horse racing, also. In order to get to the racing, however, you first have to put your time in training your horse, hiring a stable, talking to townspeople, fans, and other jockeys, and doing other RPG-things just to make it to your first race. Once you do, however, then the real fun of riding on the Wii comes in.

Riding a horse with the Wii remote is far from easy, but is extremely rewarding. Shaking the nunchuk forward allows you to accelerate, and shaking it backwards slows you down. Pull back to jump, and twist the nunchuk to turn. That’s about it, but the difficulty comes in by you having to time your shakes with your horse’s steps. In addition, you have to be precise when using your whip in order to not whip your horse too hard.

In addition, the game becomes even more complicated when you realize that different horses race in different fashions. Some like to sit at the head of the pack all race. Some like to fight neck and neck the whole way down the track, and others prefer to sit back and make a break at the end. However your specific horse races, you’ll need to learn how best to ride them to victory. There are also other statistics involved in the race, such as potential and motivation, in addition to your horse’s stamina. Monitoring those statistics and then playing your horse properly to take the lead at the end is how you do it. Gaining victory provides further benefits to jockeys.

As a game that has a lot of aspects of an RPG, winning races of course provides points that lead to further improvement. Winning lots of races with certain horses increases those horses’ stats and also opens up gameplay paths for you to get more horses to ride.

The menu-driven system that opens the game could easily discourage a gamer who just wanted to hop in and race a horse. On top of that, the different elements of this game provide a hefty learning curve before you can really feel comfortable that you know what you’re doing. By that time, however, you’re hooked. The thrill of watching a horse leap out of the pack at the last moment and take the victory is one that has snagged gamblers the world over, and it doesn’t take many times of actually performing it yourself before you’re snagged, too.