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When you are thinking about games that are on top of the wishlist of avid gamers, you have to remember to include Battlefield Vietnam on that list. As a matter of fact, it is safe to say that Battlefield Vietnam may even be on top of that wishlist.

This game comes in the wake of its predecessor Battlfield 1942 and while that in itself was a groundbreaking game, Battlefield Vietnam is no slouch either. Sure it may look a lot like Battlefield 1942 but as a matter of fact, it has a few tricks up its sleeve that will delight fans and newbies alike. It may be patterned after the older game but it also amps up the action and the gaming experience to new heights that was not delivered by the older game. It seems like the developers took some of the lessons they learned from Battlefield 1942 and decided to boost the action and graphics for battlefield Vietnam to within an inch of its like and as every gamer knows, that just boils down to pure awesomeness.

For those who are new to Battlefield Vietnam, a little introduction may be what you need to show you what all the hype is all about. Firstly, Battlefield Vietnam is one of those multi-player games that involve shooting; you can play against bots generated by the computer or you can play against other people. How many people can you play against you may ask? A whopping 63 people is the answer and if you do not think that equals to a whopping good time then you should go and play the game right now.

Choose which side you want to play for; the US and its allies or North Vietnam and the Vietcong. You will then be dropped in the middle of a battlefield where you can slug it out with your opponents. If that isn’t enough to get your blood pumping, maybe the soundtrack might help.

Music does a lot to help the mood of a game and in this instance; Battlefield Vietnam really does have a killer soundtrack that goes a long way into building the gaming experience. While playing the game, you might just get the impression that you are actually inside a big budget blockbuster movie. The soundtrack is indeed that good.

That is not to say however that a good soundtrack is all that this game has going for it. It also incorporates some of the most memorable and bloody war scenes in the real Vietnam way into the game making things a lot more interesting for the players. The maps have undergone an upgrade and so have the graphics. While some gamers may feel that the game is somewhat predictable, it comes out with some gems that truly make it a winner. The battlefields are more lush and the graphics are so much more realistic that you will have a hard time believing that you aren’t actually fighting the exact same battle in Vietnam.