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Do you think that playing Braid on your PC is a waste of time? Then you better think again or you will be missing out on a truly wonderful game that people love from all over the world. You see, Braid started out as a game for Xbox Live arcade and they recently made one that can be played on the PC as well. Just trust that it works as well when you are using a keyboard as when you are using a console.

Braid is a very fun game to play as it is reminiscent of one of the more beloved games of all time that involves plumbers and a princess. Need another clue? It’s Super Mario Bros. silly! Braid has adventure and princesses and magical worlds too but unlike Mario Bros. Braid’s worlds are so artistically done that they will grab you by the throat and will refuse to let go until you are done with the game. So yes, while on paper it does indeed look like a brother to Super Mario Bros. you will find that it is a different thing entirely once you start playing it.

For one thing, the puzzles are somewhat difficult and may not sit well for gamers who prefer fast-paced games but for those who prefer to take their time and like to congratulate themselves for a job well done, this is most definitely the perfect game for you. The magic with Braid is that the background is beautiful and there is also a very calming background music, so while it feels like you are being hypnotized, your brain is actually in overdrive trying to solve a puzzle at hand.

Another great thing about Braid is that the story is also very well executed; it tells the story of a guy named Tim who lost his princess due to some mistakes that he committed and now he has to travel to different a world to collect pieces or art that he can then assemble to help tell his tale. This story is all about regret which is honestly a very welcome change from other storylines that are so common with these games. It’s a very poignant tale that he tells and to be a part of it is certainly something that will draw you into the game even more.

In conclusion, Braid really does a superb job of delivering the good and developing a great story. That alone makes it a great game especially in times when games most often feel like one is the same as the other. Not only does it have a great story, it also works your brain with it slightly more difficult puzzles. The fact that the background art is beautiful is just a bonus; a kick ass background music is also just icing on the cake.

So go on and give this game a try; if you like puzzles you will certainly get more than your fair share of puzzles in this game and you may even get hooked into playing it over and over again.