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You find the hidden objects and you move up a level or you move closer towards solving the puzzle. Now, don’t take this to mean that these games are not challenging because they are. They can provide you with hours of entertainment of frustration; it just depends on your skill and on your mindset. For those people who like this genre of games, then Escape Rosecliff Island may just be your cup of tea. That said, people who are familiar with this game might say that bit doesn’t really offer much of anything new despite some new unlockable modes and mini games. Interested? Read on.

This new game from Spintop games stay true to form when it comes to hidden objects games. You enter one room and you have to look for all the required objects to get out of that room and move on towards the end of the journey. Some people argue that they may have stuck too close to the formula of the hidden objects game but really, with that genre, there is not really much room for innovation. The best part about this game is that it lets you be into some really atmospheric rooms where you have to search for the objects that you need. As with other hidden objects games, you will notice that the stuff that you need to find are very cleverly hidden and you have to keep both eyes peeled to find them. This is the best part of the game since often times, what you need is often right in front of you.

The thing that is great about this game is the game play and some of the things that they have changed just to keep things interesting. It starts out with you getting stranded on an island and then you will be directed to a busy porch or dining room scene that is replete with all the items that you need to find. What is fun about this game is that at times, you will be requested to combine items to come up with the item that is being requested of you. You might be asked to put some eggs inside a nest of a photo inside a frame. The requests are varied and never boring plus they are very challenging. Also, instead of just giving you the exact name of the thing that you need to look for, you will instead be given a clue. For instance, you may be given bamboo eater as a clue and you will then have to click on a panda.

This game is timed so you will definitely feel the pressure once the clock starts ticking. Rest assured that while this has stayed true to the standard Hidden Object Game format, you will still be tickled pink about how well the objects have been hidden and how mind-numbing some of the clues are in this game.