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Blazblue Calamity Trigger has 2D battle actions with four attack controls. The three controls are for standard and basic attacks with different level of strength while the fourth control is for the drive attack which varies for every character such as the ability of Ragna to sip the energy of the enemy and the ability of Jin to freeze the attacker. Most of the characters in BlazBlue are extracted to the characters of Guilty Gear from the appearances to the skills.

But even though there are similarities, the designer made the point to establish distinctions and provide a new version of the game. It will not be easy for a player to master each character's skills. To those who are a fan of Guilty Gear or any game with weird characters, the fanatics will surely feel at home in BlazBlue. Like other games the player will also be allowed to use and chain many basic attacks with specific abilities of the characters.

The game inclines more in offensive tactics such as the major chain combinations, prolong juggling in the air and the defensive blocking indicator which is called the guard libra. The block meter will allow a player to measure on how long he will be able to attack before his guards will be down. But gladly, there are also many defensive tactics that came from the improved features of the Guilty Gear such as the instant guard, the barrier and the barrier burst.

The fast movements in BlazBlue can sometimes be dizzying but if the player found his own balance he can surely control the techniques and master the game. The entire game has attractive settings with good models and animation with flashy effects. Just like with any Guilty Gear series the effects are mostly coming from a rock guitar shrieking with music. The loud and noisy sounds accompanied with flashy lights during an intense fight made it confusing especially for beginners.

The offline game story is effective for new game players and old timer as well. The other modes are Versus, Training, Arcade and Score Attack with the addition of interesting un-lockable quests. It has replay features also that will allow the player to watch or save online or offline fights to study strategies or for enjoyment purposes. The game with its noisy, bright and flashy features can be too much for new players but anyone can find a good fight with many gaming options and modes in the game.