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After a more than a decade of anticipation and wait, the questionable sequel to the beloved Duke Nuke 3D that first came out way back in 1997 has finally surfaced. Duke Nuke Forever has certainly been the most confusingly awaited sequel to a great character in a video game published 12 years ago.

Duke, our beloved rock star, comedic and sexually active action hero is finally back. Though it seems that the stresses of time has been too much for the developers to handle as Duke Nukem Forever has fared to be such a blunder in terms of overall mechanics, gameplay and design which nowadays are the biggest basis in the judgement of video games, especially with shooting games. But with all due respect to Duke, let us state some of the good things that the developers have done successfully in this sequel.

For one, the iconic voice, comedic movie quotes and great punch line timing is still there. Duke is still the same Duke we know and loved back in the 90's with his rock star accent , great sounding (hate to love) voice and the seemingly sexual jokes he makes about women and objectifying them still seem to have a certain kick for the better. Well, he is Duke! He can say whatever he wants. Duke has been one of our very first video game heroes and we should be privileged to be acquainted with a character such that of Duke Nukem. The woman magnet, sexual god who is very good with his guns; this has seem to be the ultimate adolescent internet surfer / gamer dream. Most 90’s teens probably played the first game and said to themselves. When I grow up, I want to be like Duke. That charisma of the character is still very present within the game. Also, the iconic futuristic weapons are still present too; the shrink ray, the freeze gun, the iconic and insanely large revolver which makes Duke the macho icon that he is, having the ability to lift that thing with one hand would seem to be a big turn on for the chicks.

On the other hand, the game falters in the aspect of design, shooting physics and overall mechanics. Most gamers would not appreciate this 90’s feel of a shooting game. It is the new era, with hundreds of other shooting games in the industry. The developers could have gone away with it by taking a few more months of to clean up the mechanics and design aspect of the game. But that did not happen and now we have to live with the fact that the ever so anticipated sequel to the Iconic game of the 90’s has been a landslide fluke. It seems like this is where the game really stands, being left out in the race of the modern era. Confusing how the developers thought this type of mechanics and shooting experience would suffice in the industry filled with terrific competition, especially in the fields of first person shooting games.