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The story’s main character, like in the book is Hercule Poirot. He is a famous detective from Belgium having a vacation in the Seadrift Island while staying in a hotel near the ocean. What was supposedly a nice rest turned out to be a case to solve when there was murdered in the area. The game started when the case is already close and solved. The time when Poirot is narrating the details of the crime to his friend named Arthur Hasting.

Instead of playing the character of Poirot, the player will be playing the character of Hastings. It may be a different idea but it somewhat fits to the game play. The player as Hastings will relate to the things that Poirot done to solve the case. He will only reveal the details when it is uncovered. He will let the player unravel the mystery like what he did. The setup is truly unusual but it just adds to the excitement level of the game.

The bad thing about the game is that there is no particular catchy feature that will engage the player from the very beginning. Its main feature is the classic point and click just like the old games in 1995. The player will be at lost on what to do from the start. He will not be guided on what to do. Because it is a mystery game anyone will think that the main purpose for the game is finding clues but it is not. The murder takes place only at the middle of the game.

The player will end up clicking almost everything just to find some relevant ideas to make the game progress. But at the end it is really hard to guess on what will the player needs to remember and save as an important clue. There is also a tendency to keep on returning because some things will appear which are not there before. The player will be introduced to different other characters but since he does not have any idea what to look for, it will be pointless to remember them all.

The setting and animation is as old looking as its story and somewhat confusing. However, the voice being dubbed is great as opposed to the poorly written storylines. At least the player will not have to read text boxes all the time. The entire game might have a hidden mystery spark but the features are outdated and very slow in terms of pacing. To those who like puzzling puzzles this might be the answer but to the majority, this is not their kind of game.