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There have been probably dozens of street fighter versions out in the industry of video gaming and most of us probably know what the franchise is all about. Street Fighter has been the most sought after fighting game in the industry since it first surfaced in the scene over two decades ago. When you hear Street Fighter, you probably think about Ryu, Ken or Bison. But what constantly coincides with each Street Fighter installments is the amazing and second to perfection fighting mechanics that the game offers to its fans. Street Fighter has been an icon of fighting games throughout the course of time. The developers and publishers have been constantly on the run with the modern era with their timely releases and there has been no single installment of the series that fluked.

Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition poses to be another landslide success for Capcom. It has been very pleasing with how Capcom has been caring enough to keep PC gamers in line with all their releases, contrary to the other new fighting games on release. The Street Fighter Series has always found a place for the keyboard & mouse fanatics. The version includes the complete thirty nine character roster with the additional of four new characters for the Arcade version. As expected in a Street Fighter game installment, the fighting mechanics, movements, and actions are still second to perfection. Nothing much has been changed in the gameplay standpoint from Street Fighter IV but it does pose some minor tweaks and some improvements; tweaks in for online experience and character balancing fixes are just some the noticeable things in the Arcade Version package.

The addition of a few characters is also one of the significant improvements in this package. Yun and Yang, the skateboarding twins from Street Fighter III comes back to scene, with the other slots filled in by Evil Ryu and Oni (an even more evil type of Akuma) these characters are very well balanced and fixed to take on the other original characters fairly in combat. Some ultimate skills and moves have also been tweaked to give better balance to the game. However, Yun and Yang poses to be the favorite set of characters to play. This makes online games even better, with all the improvements it got in the release of this new version. The ranking system and online gameplay has been designed to be even more robust than ever. It has been revamped from the ground up with major tweaks and gameplay improvements for competitive online play, which seems to be where fighting games are more played on rather than arcade or single player modes. Capcom has also been kind enough to tweak some visuals and graphic display for the PC versions to deal with compatibility issues such as anti-aliasing, motion blur, pre processing and more.

Street Fighter IV will certainly be a must have game for your PC, other than the evident lag in online games brought on by a flood of gamers. If you have a good internet connection, you will probably find yourself playing the games for a very long time.