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Fans all over the world of this highly rated life-simulation video game will surely be in their toes with this latest expansion pack for The Sims 3. The Generations add-on pack has been the widely awaited pack for the franchise since the success of the previous add-ons. However, The Sims 3: Generations has fallen short of being what was expected from the developers after a fairly long break from the last add-on which was fairly a big success. Normally, Electronic Arts are coming up with their expansion packs for the franchise in two categories; one is the Stuff where they would simply integrate some new stuff into the game such as accessories, furniture, toys, gadgets, etc. These types of expansion such as Pets do not necessarily change the overall gameplay as much as it introduces new stuff for decoration and design purposes only. On the other hand, the other type of expansion is what is known to be the Core Game Changer, expansion packs such as; World Adventures and Ambitions sets to change the core gameplay and experience of Sims 3.

The issue with Generations is that it seems to be not with one category at all. It smacked in the middle of those two as it poses some new stuff, with slight configuration to the core gameplay that is mostly not that noticeable. These facts have made this new expansion somewhat confusing to the fans in how it would fair in their books. Sims 3 Generations do add is some nifty cool stuff to the gameplay with new equipments, a bunch of new stuff and tendencies from all age ranges, a single new creature The Imaginary Friend and a new career. When you come to think about it, the changes are vast, with numerous gameplay improvements and lots of new tendencies. As you may have guessed from the title, The Sims 3 Generations mainly focuses in enhancing and broadening each sims' various stages in their lives. From toddlers, adolescence, teens, young adults, adults to oldies; Generations packs some nifty stuff that deepens how each sim acts and lives their lives that coincides in the stages of their lives. Toddlers learn to dress up and play princess, dinosaurs, or astronauts and have the ability to come up with the new creature The Imaginary Friend. Generations have also ramped it up for the teens, with various social events and parties teen sims can attend to, even the enraged teen hormones are realistically being integrated into the game. Adults can experience mid-life crisis and oldies; well they just wave around their canes to scare people away.

The new additions are something fans could really have fun exploring. The new video camera will give you the ability to record certain moments in your sims’ life and play it on the TV set. The new career in daycare can certainly be something worth trying out. However, when you talk about it in overall, there is a lot of confusion as to where this expansion pack stands and raises the question if it is ever worth the money.