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The player will serve as an assistant or an attendant of course in a hospital in the Zoo whose main patients are animals. The only doctor that treats the animals is Dr. Lucy. She is also the one who runs the entire hospital. She teaches the players on how to assist or heal the injured or sick animals which are called endangered animals in the game.

To those who did not want to be pressurized with so many responsibilities, the game will suit them because the animals get sick one by one. There are no events that multiple animals will be sick. There are no other tasks involve during the entire duration of the game such as zoo management and income generation for the funds. The entire focus of the player is to help treat the animals.

There are 40 animals to treat in the whole zoo, each with a realistic and wonderfully made 3D animation. A player can visit each animal in their respective cages and can read the facts being displayed in each cage if they want to which is really very informative for children. The maker of the game pays special attention to the animal models which are real like. There are specific differences for every animal skin or mouth when zoomed in but the eyes, stomach linings and blood cells are generic.

The different animals are also featured with real like sounds all the 40 of them with variations if the animals get sick. The sounds made by the animals really add appeal to the lousy game. The game cycled to the entire diagnosing and treating of the animals. The entire game control is touch screen with players using stylus. When diagnosing animals all a player can do is check the animal by just pointing the stylus to the different given tests then he will proceed in the treatment which can vary from facilitating a foreign object out in the animal’s intestine or sometimes just giving injections.

There are fifteen mini games which can be finish within a minute. All illness of animals seemed to repeat twice such as the stressed koala which only needs petting but when the king cobra had the same symptoms and treatment that is really a big question. There are no difficulty levels and no known basis for the rewards. A player can finish the game within just two hours. There are no indicators on how well a player treats the animals or on how many animals had been treated. It seems that the game is already out of the market without even finishing it.