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For air flight fans, Flight Simulator 2004 has been developed for more enjoyment for a full aircraft experience. Other gamers make an impression of the game being a straightforward simulation but for those with interests, you will surely enjoy this gaming experience.

During the past many years, people have been employing traditional ways to lift them in the air. However, it was in the past two decades where the Microsoft Flight Simulator made a breakthrough work that makes people sit securely at the comfort of an armchair on land while making the person seem to explore the complicated yet exciting aviation maneuvers in front of a computer monitor.

The previous games as well as the new Flight Stimulator 2004 are very user-friendly that anyone even without previous experience from the game will immediately make a fly in no time. The controls and game options are easily understandable, and the game is well explained. If you still find yourself unready for the action, you can enroll at the flight school included in the game where youÂ’ll have the aviation veteran Rod Machado as a personal instructor.

Flight Simulator 2004 also houses information that is vital in the aviation world such as the civilian flight history, which is well represented in the game. The game mostly makes use of old antique parts and planes.

If you enjoy flying using vintage aircraft or if you are planning to ride one, make sure that you make use of controllers with good peripherals such as ruddy pedals or a joystick that has a twist handle. You will use a lot of the rudders while landing and making a take-off of the Piper J3 Cub, or it will be hard for you to control the Vickers Vimy biplane unless you stomp on the pedal.

The game is somehow similar to its predecessor, the Flight Simulator 2002 in terms of slow an underpowered planes such as landing a taildragger, which is supposedly done in a swift manner.

One good thing with Flight Simulator 2004 is that the weather can be controlled. You can fly at a fine weather whenever you want or make the experience real by downloading real-time worldwide weather from the Jeppesen database that changes every 15 minutes. Though you may opt not to download it, the game can change the weather condition from a clear blue sky during the whole sky trip to a violent storm upon landing.

The graphics are better than the previous release but is not that realistic yet. The buildings are of low resolution that they are best viewed when flying at high altitudes. The interactive cockpits are new and are a good start for the game developers to work out. Unfortunately, they are unattractively presented in the current game. There are a lot of new features that are to excite every gamer.

The game is made realistically enough that even those in real flight schools will be amazed. Still, there is more to the Flight Stimulator series so make sure you get the latest version.