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If you have been always a fan of the epic Sims games series, then you may be looking forward to what The Sims 2: Seasons has to offer. Making it the fifth instalment of The Sims 2 series and the twelfth including the original release, fans will certainly be enticed with the Seasons game. It was the Sims 2 who introduced the passage of time as characters grow and eventually age. Today, The Sims 2: Seasons offers a whole new experience by introducing a new meaning to the passage of time. An example would be the family is now suffering from temperature fluctuations causing sunburns for hot weather or colds for the counterpart. There are other breakthrough changes too.

How the Sims deal with the weather have changed significantly from before. As they change their clothes, their tolerance for the environmental temperature changes too. Wearing a swimwear or underwear in cold weather will not make a Sim happy. Also, leaving a Sim child at the same weather condition and the social services will take him away. The Sims has to wear an Outerwear, a new kind of clothing to protect them from the cold. You will also see weather indications on your monitor. You’ll experience rainfall or snowfall on an appropriate season as weather has become part of the game.

Although you must have four seasons, you can control them. You may have two winter and two springs, two springs, one winter and one autumn, etc. This will go well with areas such as the dessert where you have summer the whole year or those that are sick of the dry and wet seasons only.

Moreover, the maker of the game, EA has added farming and fishing features that can yield you money as you make your harvest. They can join the new Garden Club. Your Sim can be in to farming that he or she may acquire odd farming-related characteristics like slick green skin tone. But they can be cured though. Building Greenhouses will let you farm all year round and will give the whole environment a great landscape. The harvested products can be mixed together to make a potion that will enhance the Sims well being.

There were more new items included, as well as little additions that would even go unnoticed by the long time fans. New careers such as journalism, law, music, adventuring, education, and the most common favorite, personal gamer have been added that will deepen each and every gamer’s interest or their real career being incorporated in the game.

If you have loved your MP3 collection for the Sim radio, then you don’t have to worry because the graphics and sound have not changed drastically. The graphics pertaining to the weather were artistically made real, but there were no major changes. Though the gameplay is more exciting and the additives brings more color to the game, you will not be lost if you have played any of The Sims and The Sims 2 instalment.