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Blizzard is really true to its words when it said that World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Expansion Pack is going to be a great hit. Indeed it was. With the ever presence of the dragon from Warcraft II, Deathwing unleashes hell in the city of Azeroth resulting in mammoth destruction. I personally call Deathwing as the “big bully” as he just rips anythingand everything smaller than his size. It is like a senior high school student beating a defenseless kindergarten.

A lot of renovations in the places of the previous game have been done. The capitol cities of Stormwind and Orgrimmar are now sporting new looks. Stormwind is partially destroyed because of disruptions brought by Deathwing. There are also new places which are introduced in the game, among them a new district called Dwarven which has also sprung up with its own auction house, inn, bank, and a lake.

On the other hand, modifications have also been done with Orgrimmar. When Thrall left, and Garrosh stayed, the latter took the chance to revamp the city. As to inhabitants, Taurens, Trolls, and Goblins still have their own place in the city, while Deepholm, the place of Deathwing, is located in the middle of a spheroid with a rainbow scenery and magnetic fields. Legends have it that in the city of Uldum, there is a powerful weapon hidden in the area which attracts the villains to go in there to grab power. The city of Uldum copies the architectural designs of the pyramids from Egypt. This city is on the other side of Skyfall.

New battlegrounds are also created for multiplayer. The new courses let the players explore the whole area to discover exciting zones as well as ruins. Most raids depend on the player’s discretion. There are a lot of useful tactics to be used for your game plan. During the course of the game, there is a feature panel that updates you of the events and current standings among the other players. In this panel, you are able to learn which players are awarded by a guild, what tasks are they doing, the number of boss’ they had beaten, and players who went to other levels.

Guilds also come in different levels. They range from level one up to level twenty, and they are earned by achievements: hitting the battleground, finishing the quests, or by defeating a boss. The Guild achievements are changed from the Guild money. Anyone can benefit from the achievement instead of having just one person use the cash. Blizzard also emphasized archeology; adding vital facts and information to the game while also giving historical details about Azeroth. This is one way, they can entice more players.

Goblin areas are also terrific. There is a quest in the game that gives you power to run down any enemy who consider you a pest. Moreover, the Goblin zone also offers a bit of hilarity. For instance, there is a certain party in this zone where you invite guests and accommodate them by beating their heads. Absurd but quite funny, really.