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Who does not love Star Wars? I know i do any many others will agree with me! The movies, books, and even the action games are great. And now, another great game comes your way. Another amazing light sabre experience is here, and you just could not resist the power this thing has. It has the plot and the setting of the Star Wars universe a couple of years after the Mysteries of the Sith. Same with the predecessors in the series, you take on the role of the quite negative-minded and moody Kyle.

Jedi Outcast starts out pretty much like the rest of those action games, shooting your way through with those different weapons and explosives. As this may disappoint a few, the best is yet to come. Yes, it gets better along the way, making a pretty good shift letting you experience the brilliant Star Wars phenomenon.

The first few hours of the game can be a bit typical that it may get boring; but if you are able to keep up with it, you would not regret it a bit. Kyle meets some other characters, making it pretty interesting. With a good team, and the all-time favorite light saber combat, the game just turned out really very exciting. Like in the movie, the light saber can be both used for defense and offense. In the game there are also different techniques and combos in using the light sabre making you redirect damage and attack a group with one swish. There are so many things to learn with the light saber and it makes the combats incredibly fun.

As in a typical action game, energy and force powers are all part of it. In Jedi Outcast, you can gain those with every mission, so you get to learn different force powers and you gain strength as you go along. You can learn all those amazing powers of a Jedi master. You also have to be aware of your energy, health, and your defense, and have them reloaded without dying.

The game could be played either with the single-player mode or an array of multiplayer modes. The visuals are great, the environmental effects are very appropriate, and everything is so detailed it is almost like a film. The music is also dynamic, and it takes the same music with the other games in the series, and it is not disturbing at all since it fades in between combats. Also, the sound effects of the guns shooting and the light sabre are just as what they should sound like. The narration and the voice acting are also done pretty well without a moment of dullness, and the personality of Kyle is very well dubbed.

Though the first few hours of Jedi Outcast is not great and the player would be too confused on what to do, the game in total, pretty much has more good points than the negatives. As a Star Wars lover, you would really appreciate all the light sabre combats and the plot and the setting of course. It also is a challenging game with different techniques of combat and different styles of playing that you would surely be hooked to it.