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Adventure Chronicles: The Search of the Lost Treasure is a hidden object game with just the right amount of challenge to the player, even if there is no timer involved. The objects are well designed and the ending is satisfying. It may be a short game, and the character act more like a thief rather than a well-reputed archeologist, but it is still fun all the same.

The Search of the Lost Treasure is a sequel to Escape the Museum, a very popular hidden object game developed by Gogii Games. In this sequel, Susan has to go through five regions to search for more treasures. There are enough of the puzzles and hints to make it a pleasure to play with, even with no timer involved.

Susan is trapped in the City Museum with her daughter, after an earthquake, and she has to go out and follow the clues set before her to find the hidden treasures which were itemized in a journal she acquired. The treasures are those which famous and infamous characters of history horded. The lost treasures of Napoleon and Blackbeard are just part of the list.

For a hidden object game, the artwork was not only perfectly thought out, they were perfectly executed. The objects are not haphazardly thrown about in unrelated scenes, instead, they are appropriately in places where they should be logically found. If there is a really dark place to search the treasures in, the character can opt to use the Object Finder. Once the players learn how to use this properly, they can be more successful in finding the objects faster. The music and the sound effects are exceptional as well, so it really ups the appeal.

Now, no game is perfect, and I would be the last to claim I am looking for perfection. There are some cutscenes which are a bit blurry and Susan’s characterization is odd. She is supposed to be a reputable and experienced archaeologist and yet she does not hesitate to destroy artwork or even tearing apart antique books if she felt she could get nearer her treasure. She also does not hesitate to steal from others as well. In short, she seems to lack the conscience of a reputable archeologist and she basically does her own thing, if she thinks she should have her treasure. This, for me, gives the impression that archeologists are basically thieves, and it disappoints me a bit.

Overall, the game is smooth and well balanced, but lacks morality. But it does not really matter in the end, for this is a great game to play and definitely better than the other hidden-object games in the market today. My biggest regret is the lack of levels and it is a short game. It shows potential for more regions or at least, more sub-regions. I would have loved for it to be longer but have to be satisfied with what the developers had to offer. In the end, I have to congratulate Gogii for giving us another fun game to be enjoyed.