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Balaurea is ruled by Tiamat, the Dragon Lord, who promises that there are new zones which could be explored and new twists to the flying mechanics that everyone loved in Aion. In Balaurea, there are three new zones which have their very own citadels. The Elyos has taken over the Inggison zone, and separated by the Silentera Canyon, Gelkmaros is taken over by the Asmodians.

Both of these zones are beautiful and thanks to the stunning graphics, and the fact that they have not been touched by the Daeva or the humans, they are even more stunning visually. For the fans who had wondered how Atreia looked before the shatter of the Tower of Eternity, this is the perfect visualization. A word of warning though, there are a lot of lurking creatures which do not like you, the player.

There are two world raid bosses, the Dramata, which are literally the most ginormous of additions in these two zones. These are abomination or hybrids, part Dragon and part Balaur. Legend has it that when a Balaur tries to transform into a Dragon, things can go drastically wrong and they are caught mid-transformation and trapped in this horrifying form.

The aim of the game is to look for these monstrosities in the zones which are taken over by the Daeva, namely Padmararashka which is in Gelkmaros and Sematrix which is in Iggnison. Players have to be very determined to go through these for they have to kill the abominations. There is a time-limit though, only one hour. The process is hard and may involve a lot of people, like several hundred, just to draw out a bit of their blood. Don’t be discouraged though, even if they are freakingly huge and could squash your character into pulp. All you need to do is look for the Stone Elementals like Ragnarok and Omega. These are much like the Dramata, they are present in every zone you enter and they are easier to kill. Once they get killed, they offer the characters loot which may not be as fantastic as those offered by the deaths of the Padmararashka and Sematrix, but it is better than get killed off.

Basically, Assault on Balaurea is a lonely game to play when done solo, but that’s really not a problem. There is a way to get over the lack of companionship in the introduction of the pets. These have been much requested and are available in the NCsoft online store. These five pets are cute, cuddly and each are unique and offer their own advantage. These pets not only make the adventure less lonely, but it ups the appeal for all the players. Assault on Balaurea is the first major expansion for Aion and it is simply impressive.