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The best thing about Bejeweled Blitz on the PC is that it allows players to play with friends, this can be, in fact is, very challenging, pitting player against player and trying for the highest scores, or to see who got to use their extra powers most effectively. Some threads on the social network are dedicated to discussing how to play the game and anyone on FaceBook who claims not to have been tempted to play the game at least once is not telling the truth.

Click on the icon and it opens. There are some players who ruin their mouse simply because they can’t get over their addiction. The glittering jewels are so alluring that anyone who distracts the player gets shouted at. Can’t you see I’m playing here! is the usual line. Forgive the players. Anyone who has never been diagnosed with OCD will definitely get positively diagnosed after only a few minutes into the game. It is that addictive.

Now although this game is free it can also be bought for around $15.00 for the PC. I really don’t bother to pay but for those who do prefer paying get a little extra out of the game. Not only is the image clearer, but there are more sounds, more fun, basically more of everything on the PC release. So if you enjoyed it on Facebook, then you will simply be blown away about the option to select high definition visuals in the options.

Now, some critics would say that the game has no plot, no challenge, no feel or stealth. Huh? Yes, definitely there is no plot, but if they justify the blood and guts sprayed on the screen as plot then I guess there is no plot. It is a simple game that managed to overcome its simplicity. It is a point, click and destroy game without seeing any destruction. It needs a clear eye and a quick mind to get the best scores in one game. It takes a bit of quick imagination to think ahead, to press on the right jewel so the ones remaining line up and disappears; getting more points in the process. It does not take an idiot to play this game, but it takes an intelligent mind to make it really work to the optimum. No challenge? Huh?

PopCap has definitely got a sure fire winner in the Bejeweled Blitz. It has bored players online sucked into the void of challenge and fun, for free and for a price. Those who do decide to buy the full version are likely to say they never regretted it. I enjoy my game on FaceBook but the updated PC version has far superior graphics which only adds to the appeal.