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Colonization has a clear goal and focus, and seems to have a straightforward game play, without losing the intensity of the typical strategy games and the classic series. With this remake is a more fun and better plotted game. For the pros, the game takes you back to history, and with the graphics and the good music, the game gives a revolutionary feel. However, even if the manufacture and trading of products is pretty enjoyable and easy, the trade route borders and crossing points are not so clear and user-friendly.

In the Colonization, players must be able to negotiate and trade with different groups, countries and colonists to be able to put together and develop their cities. They have to direct their colony and nation to their main goal and be able to have good choices in recruiting men and having the founding fathers’ side, in making amends, friendship and trades, and in managing the city.

With this challenge, upon choosing which nation you would take over, you would also choose which governor you would be to lead the settlement. With a different colony, different strengths and additional benefits are in store.

And then the mission is on. You have to choose which region to build your first town. You have to know where the raw materials can be found so that you would be able to endure and expand. You have to think where it’s best to trade without risking your town to be an easy target. You’d have to have explorers to scout and plot where you could find valuable ruins and treasures, without annoying locals and natives. You would have to be able to explore to know what lies ahead, and know where to settle to next. The neighboring tribes would also let you know what products they need, making trading easier; and the chief of the tribe would also let you know what field they excel in, so that you would be able to send out practitioners to master that expertise. Since you’ll get the most out of them, it would be best to live with the natives and locals in peace and in harmony.

As soon as you have created a good foundation to start with, and as long as your town gets booming, you can then build up other towns in other places and have these settlements connected until you become stable. When you are able to continue importing and exporting, and you have mapped the New World, and you have enough people and armies, then it would be time to battle. And just always remember that the goal is to declare independence.

Though the game is laid out in a linear play, you can still find out techniques and strategies to make your colony be able to have sweet independence. The visuals and graphics, along with the appropriate music make the game worthwhile, bringing with it the historic and revolutionary ambiance.