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The game brings out new characters and campaigns, and the features are pretty fine; the visuals and music though, are outdated and are unable to compare to the quality of today’s games. While challenge attracts some, most of the players are getting irritated and discouraged by the Extreme’s extreme campaigns and maps. In the game, you command and manage a settlement as a lord of the Crusades-era. You construct farms, mines, armories, and barracks; and then, you manage an army of spearmen, bowmen and knights; and then you have to secure your land with a good foundation and a good fight.

As with other real-time strategy computer games where the game lies on how you approach things, this Extreme trail is more on speed, making it seem less of the military battles, but just matches where one quickly fights and knocks out opponents without thinking of the strategy of how to do it. What makes it even harder is that the campaigns seem to really pull you down, since in each scenario, the enemy armies seem to have twice the number of fighters your troop has. It is like you are going on a fast-forward suicide mission, and everything is so crammed up making it not pleasing to the eyes.

While you are supposed to put up your army and gear them up for the fight and secure your land with walls, you are unable to finish your first goal since the battle has already begun. Enemies are already attacking you from all corners making you lose what you have started with and not letting you gain the army that you need to fight a fair battle. So from the beginning of the game, you are already drowning with all the huge waves that this Extreme trail has readied for you.

With the Stronghold Crusader, you are supposed to gather wood and ore, build mines, and the sort to give you the resources you need. And you also have to build armories and huts to help you make your weapons and armors, and store them. And then you can build your armies and position them. It was supposed to be that way. But with the speedy state and the chaotic scene of the Extreme trail, you are unable to build a strong foundation and build an army to be able to get you through the challenge.

The graphics and visuals did not seem to improve. The music is cyclic, the exclamations are repetitive, making it monotonous in the long run, just like a parrot repeating the same word that it knows, making it annoying and noisy. The mission seems impossible. It is like you are trying to fit in a mindful and serious meeting in to an already jam-packed chaotic day, where it just could not fit in. Instead of pondering and thinking of strategies and all that, you are just blurting out whatever, making quick decisions, making it all fail in the end.