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The previous series of 90 Great Games were the Family Party: 30 Great Games, Family Party: Winter Fun and the Family Party: Outdoor Fun. They have closely similar applications and settings. The games consist of 15-17 characters from all the members of a family but you cannot select them all in one time, you need to keep on playing to unlock and use the other characters. But all the characters seemed to have limited difference and not so interesting to collect but in the second series the player can customize the hair types and the clothing.

In the 90 Great Games there are different categories for the setting of every game such as the Shooting, the Slope, Muscle and Mountain, Athletics, and the Stadium. There is a pre-game instruction before the start of every game but once a game started the player will not be able to open the instructions again which seemed slightly inconvenient for the player.

In the 30 Great Games which is the first series it was observed to have similar game mechanics to other Wii games. Most players preferred the shooting category such as the Hunt Attack which has still unique game method. It also had other more interesting games but not all. In the Outdoor Fun it had a nicer color setting but some of the games are lousy and redundant. Some can be exciting but only a few can be a good shot. Luckily, in the Winter Fun the entire series is saved from being categorized as a totally boring video game.

It has Olympic like games with extreme mechanics. Maybe because of the totally different setting, there is exciting maneuvering in the slippery ice. But it still has its disadvantage like the first two series because some games take too long to finish and a player will be bored because of the length. But the design had improved compared to the two games. In terms of the sound effects all the three games are rated low because of repetitive instructions of the announcer to some portion of the game and some annoying sounds that are inappropriate.

In the 90 Great Games there is not much improvement because of the still lousy setting for most of the games. Only the Winter Fun can be categorized as interesting and well recommended. The games did not promote much of creativity and active imagination. Parents must consider first the reviews before buying the entire collection because there are still more funny and enjoyable games. But if looking for a friendly family game a parent can just consider the Family Party Series to play or practice.