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Planet 51 is set in the suburban paradise of the 1950’s. It is relatively a huge sandbox but you won’t be able to see it until such time the game is divided into three acts as DS is incapable of showing the display one time. Every zone will be accessible you progress with the game as well as the crucial acts. Zones of Acts 1 and 2 will remain open even after you have completed them. The Act 3, however, will give you the chance to drive more since the zone remain inaccessible even if you the player is done with the game.

During the entire game, the player will be confined in the four corners of his vehicle. Beginning with only a scooter, Lem embarks his journey in constant motion and be able to uncover different other hovercraft. Controls of the game will include left and right of the D-Pad for the direction, pressing the Down button for speed, A for acceleration, B for the brakes, X for the jumps and the shoulder buttons will let you move both in the right and left direction. The Y control moves in a context-sensitive fashion and you will only make use of the stylus in certain occasions.

As you progress with Planet 51, you will go through a lot of missions and their variations as well. You can also have the chance to change your hover jets by locating one of the mobile garages and choose whatever will keep your boat from floating. Though the game is kind of fun, the missions are a bit repetitive. Furthermore, the optical missions known as mandatory missions will reward the player in the form of currency instead of just progression in the story. Optional missions are repeated many times along with the rewards offered every time a score is attained. You can also be rewarded with money if you drive like a drunk and crazy person such as jumping cars and damaging fire hydrants.

Once you have the money, you can use this to buy new vehicles, stickers and comic book strips. When you have a friend with you, you can have the chance to challenge them in a race or participate in the Destruction Derby competition. Overall, Planet 51 offers an increase in the production value and there is a lot of variety in the game. Despite the non-existent pragmatism of the story, the game still looks good along with a very amusing multiplayer mode. Planet 51 may not be an important purchase but is worth playing.