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Cities in Motion offers a detailed and surrealistic view of the city transit systems complete with all of the challenges that could test the skills of an everyday city dweller. It can get repetitive though, just like in real traffic conditions.

For gamers who live in the urban jungle, thinking about playing a game set in that same urban jungle may not be appealing. Surprisingly, Cities in Motion is challenging enough and fun. This may not be a realistic rendition of what the real life urban chaos could be but it still manages to get things into motion that is both interesting and challenging.

The game is simply set and quite easy to maneuver through. What makes it different and compelling is the focus. The gamer only has to worry about their individual transit system, even if there is no multiplayer option. The city practically runs on its own. For the SimCity fan, it is important to remember that this is not like the other games, so if there is a fire in one block, the gamer can ignore it. Unless there is a disaster which directly affects the business of the gamer, then there is no need to pay attention to what is going on. The gamer just has to focus on their own business operations and should not get bothered with the distractions going on around them.

The gamer gets advise from the ticker news and the briefings, which oddly does not offer much help. The briefings are there to encourage the gamer do the things which will end up bankrupting the player. The key is to take the briefings and advises into stride and if the opportunity comes, grab it. Otherwise, don’t do anything which can mean money down the drain.

The downside of the game is the lack of feedback. Although the ticker news does drop in some gems once in a while, sometimes it takes time to think about what the purpose of the hints were. There are some intrigues going on as well. Some clients can complain about the service, the prices or the customer service. Unfortunately, there is no form of communication which will explain what is being done wrong so the gamer can get a headache trying to figure out what they could do to correct something which they have no idea where to begin correcting. Does that make sense?

It is this lack of feedback which can cause a lot of money loss and the inability to grow as a business. Assuming that the gamer ends up finally learning how to second guess the game, Cities in motion can become repetitive. There is also no multiplayer mode so there is really no one to play against with except the computer generated characters who know what is going on and are given hints by the computer.

Cities in Motion is well presented, I have to give it that and the graphics are good. The sound is trance music, so fans of that genre would be pleased. The downside is the gameplay itself. For those who are patient enough to learn while in office, this is a good game.