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Far Cry 2 offers the players a lot of freedom on how to complete the missions. There is a stunning visualization of the African scenery where the action takes place for a whopping 30 hours of gameplay. There are a lot of rewards and chances to upgrade the character and the weapons. The only downside? The plot leaves much to be desired, but who cares? Also, Africa can be quite a large place to travel on foot.

First shooter games like Far Cry 2 is a world of violence. This is what mindless shooting and blood and guts is all about. Fortunately, the developers of the game realized that mindless killings and destruction are what the gamers want, especially when they want to vent out their frustrations on inanimate objects.The setting: Africa. It is a large expanse where the mercenaries get to meet all sorts of challenges, enemies and even wild animals. The multiplayer mode adds a lot of challenge to the gameplay which can keep the gamer on their toes for hours on end.

The gamer plays the role of a mercenary, obviously, who is working for someone who wants a certain arms dealer, simply called the Jackal. This guy proves to be stealthy and it takes all the skills and analysis to get to that guy. At the heart of the chaos that is Africa, there are two organizations: APR and UFLL. Here, the character spends time working one time with APR and another with UFLL. It is important to know how they work and it takes all the hours of energy to get through the tasks that are directed toward the player. Add in the complication that the character suffers from malaria which can mean getting sick at times and having to suffer through the fevers and chills.

Although the multiple player mode is great, the single player can be a bit disappointing. The multiplayer can drag up to 30 hours. But get this; the single player can drag much longer than that. Get prepared to meet up a lot of challenges and fights which can test whatever skills were learned with other first shooter games. This is the time to get out whatever learned skills and apply them.

Visually, Far Cry 2 is fantastic and beautifully displays the beauty that is Africa. The sound is great as well, there is the tribal music which can hypnotize at times and makes the player relax at the times when the character has to wait out an enemy. The voice acting is iffy at best, so letÂ’s not go there.

Overall, this is a game where any gamer can get lost in oblivion. For some reason, the player waits it out when the character they control is waiting it out. Times can get really hectic so it is a good idea to not forget to eat. This is a lengthy game and it can go on longer if not prepared. Make sure to drink lots of water as well.