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Usually, when there is a sequel to an outstandingly popular game, the fans for obvious reasons will compare it to its predecessor and will expect the same high standards, but sometimes the new game relies on the reputation of the earlier title. Well, in the case of Call of Duty 2, the fans did compare and, thankfully, found that the game stands up on its own and has proved that it is a follow up that is just as good, just as exciting and just as challenging as the last in the series.

Just like its predecessor, Call of Duty 2 is set in World War II and features the main players of the real event: Russia, Germany, Great Britain and United States of America. In this particular version, the gamer has the option to skip between factions once they have played through the required missions. This is not be the main factor to its success, but it is definitely a plus.

There were a lot of gamers who complained when they tested out the single player demo and said that it did not satisfy them as much as the first. However, once the full version came out they happily reversed their complaints and decided that the real game surpasses the demo.

Now, to the realism. I have to say that this is not a blood and guts game that splatters body bits across the screen. The grisliness comes from the images of the dying and suffering soldiers trying to drag themselves to safety, crying out for someone to help them and then the death sounds of their last moments. For me this much more atmospheric than bloody body parts on the screen.

Compared to its predecessor, the scripting is less well done however, there is still an objective to fulfill and the game still places the gamer in the middle of battles and there is still the choice to blow up something. These are situations which the gamer has the chance to get into, and if they make the wrong decision, well then, there you go.

The steady build up of the level of difficulty reaches a point where it becomes an almost overwhelming challenge. The climactic missions are incredibly non-cartoonish and the relationship between the soldiers is quite well developed. For something where the script is underdeveloped, this gamer has no cause for complaint at all. It is just plain impressive the way this game goes on, and sometimes it is important to just take a break and gasp in some air.

For a shooter game, this is an awesome single and multi-player experience that does not disappoint. The graphics alone are already well worth the money spent. It is a definite must for the serious gamer. What else can be said that hasn't already been said? Yes, invest in headphones for a surround feel. As mentioned, the sound effects are so real, the cries, the explosions, the gunfight, the grunts when a soldier fights against another, sound simply incredible.