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The game is simply not good and very insufficient. The first part of the game is like a get it game where the player has to get something for every other inmates such as medications, drugs or a knife. This goes on for the entire first level of the game. There is also a nonsense rule of the game which is when the player goes to forbidden areas of the prison he will automatically lose and start the game again to proceed. It does not matter whether the one who spotted him is a janitor or a cook. He is not given a chance to reason out or to counteract actions.

There are limited actions in the game such as there are times that the player can only repeat an attack or a distraction twice. This is the only way to proceed to the next level. More often than not the player will need to hide in cabinets, under a truck or trick the security cameras in order just to avoid the guards from seeing him in not allowed places.

The only exciting part is the combat with other prisoners either unplanned or the real fight game to access the other part of the jail. Fight games will allow the player to earn which can only be used in paying for tattoos only and only for it. There are also limited action moves during the one on one fight which can be a real lousy fight.

There are no weapons available for the player or anything interesting to add up some spice in the game. He can only boost his strength and movements by hitting some punching bag or just by doing pumping exercises. Other than that there are no other challenges. In the first two level of the game you can easily get the entire game idea and will be very uninteresting to finish the entire 9 chapters.

Some roles are just so lousy and totally out of the league. Since it is a game extracted from the television series you will expect to see the famous characters to be included in the game. But some famous characters that made the series totally engaging are just given some short appearances in the game. The end of the game is same with the series. The player will manage to escape along with others if he wins the game but after that, there is nothing anymore. There are no climactic revelations or awards that will totally inspire a player to move to every level. It is better not to purchase or rent this game because it will be useless and unsatisfiable.