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The Assassins Creed series has grabbed gamers by the short hairs and refused to let go practically since its inception, and Assassins Creed III Liberation doesn't look like it will be stopping the tradition any time soon. Set in the back alleys and dark byways of late 1700s New Orleans, Assassins Creed III Liberation tells the story of Aveline de Grandpere; a woman whose father is a wealthy white man and whose mother was a freed slave risen to the status of his common law wife. Despite growing up in the lap of luxury for the time period, Aveline's life is thrown into turmoil when her mother vanishes. When she's taken under the wing of Agate, he teaches her everything she needs to know about the ways of the assassin.

The Evolution of the Plot

As far as the Assassins Creed series goes, the storyline has never been shy about crossing national boundaries and time periods. However this game gets further and further away from the historical-esque roots of the game series, while staying true to the themes that the Assassins Creed games have put into practically every game since the first. Betrayal, a burning need for justice and taking someone and turning him (or in this case her) into a force to be reckoned with. The plot of the game, while occasionally focused more on stealth and infiltration, hits all the same high notes as previous games by intermingling story and character training as it ups the challenges.

Gameplay and Mechanics

Assassins Creed III Liberation for the PS Vita has learned from all of the past Assassins Creed games when it comes to practically everything regarding gameplay and mechanics. Whether it's combat style, stealth missions or just getting around New Orleans as quickly and efficiently as possible (always a major factor when it comes to games with the sweeping grandeur of the Assassins Creed series) is relatively simple to master. However, the PS Vita does run into several problems when it's compared to the full sized Playstation controller.

Players will need to get used to the smaller controls that the Vita provides. The system takes some adjustment, but once players have gotten used to the setup it's no more difficult than mastering any other part of a game with as much motion and movement as Assassins Creed III. However, while the setup on the Vita does make it very difficult for more traditional button mashers to do cool things on accident, it is still not impossible to pull off.

All in all fans of Assassins Creed will enjoy Liberation. Those who haven't played any previous Assassins Creed games might find it a better bet to start earlier in the series so they aren't thrown right into the deep end. However, when it comes to the best graphics, fantastic story, good cut scenes and the very latest in gameplay mechanics then Assassins Creed III Liberation is right where players are going to want to be to experience the best Assassins Creed.