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The Batman: Arkham Asylum is an action packed game in the third person perspective.

The Batman: Arkham Asylum is about Joker’s plan to create chaos in Gotham City by collaborating with other anti-Batman in the Arkham Asylum. Needless to say, Batman once again uses his weapons, detective skills, stealth and combat skills to overcome his enemies. The Game of the Year version basically runs along the same plot but the new package includes two pairs of glasses which can be used for 3D on any TV set and 4 all-new challenge courses.

One definite accomplishment that this game can brag about is they now hold the Guinness world record for the title “most critically acclaimed superhero game ever.” Spike also gave them the Video Game Award. The game’s achievements also include: from Game Rankings, a 93% score for Batman: Arkham Asylum; Game Informer, a 9.5 out of 10 score; and Game Spy also critiqued the game with a perfect 5-star score. As a whole, game critics advise consumers to play this worthy game.

The game is all about using Batman’s skills to combat enemies and figure out problems to overcome challenges. The players control Batman’s every single move – escaping, hiding, gliding with the aid of the cape, crouching, jumping, and running are all controlled by the player. In the asylum, Joker manages to escape and along with other prisoners who were in the asylum too. They all agreed to Joker’s evil plan of destroying Gotham City. You’re probably thinking the plot sounds basically the typical Batman story standard. Not quite. Expect some twists to an adventure of a lifetime.

Suffice to say that this Batman is a fairly adult title. It’s not your simple cartoon. Arkham is a dark and dingy area inhabited by lunatics and psychopaths that tear buildings apart. Expect a lot of slaying and murdered bodies strewn all over. It may even surprise you to see Harley with a skimpy outfit that shows off some lady parts or Poison Ivy’s painted-on panties.

All these adult themes are attached to a very Batman-looking world that connects you to the story. Trust me, the most cerebral parts of the games are so apparent in many segments; moments that can really make you feel like you’re truly Batman on the longest night of his life.

There are three important moves that Batman has to employ when faced with an enemy. He can either engage in hand-to-hand counter moves, stun, or attack the enemy. Don’t ever underestimate the enemies because they posses different attack styles and are very skilled enemies when it comes to toppling down an opponent. You can acquire weapons in the game world; among the most common is the Batarang, which is an explosive sprayer with a detonator, and which you can also use as a grappling gun.

There are about 240 Riddler challenges in the game, which is really the driving motivation for the quest. Beyond these word problems you also have to find trophies that Riddler has tucked away in the asylum, and visual puzzles that you can only solve through the Detective Mode. This can be time consuming – it actually took me nine hours to finish, but it was pretty awesome. The Riddler test is essential to level up your skills, which can be very useful for future encounters. Not to worry, the Riddler also provides clues to unlock some of the challenges; thus you gain points.

When it comes to visual fidelity, Batman: Arkham Asylum is impeccable. The locale has just the right mix of the creepy and cool. The fact that it is able to depict a damaged Batman face and suit so well is truly something. Be warned though, there are still some screen tearing as CGI stuff tend to pixelize in some parts and the in-game cutscenes can really look terrible where guards with bug eyes look so grotesque; and there are a few shoddy lip synching as well. They’re not really that big a deal, but the issues are there and they can hurt the overall presentation. In spite of this, the sound effects and the visual effects are quite superb. The former really seems so realistic and full of emotions, while the latter is so vivid.

If you are a video game addict, be sure you have one of the generation’s best comic video game ever: Batman: Arkham Asylum (Game of the Year Edition). When you purchase your pack, you also get 3D glasses, which is a must to make the game more thrilling and astounding in every detail; and the all new challenge maps, which, as the name implies are your keys to more challenges in the game.