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Sims 3 Generations has arrived for a variety of game-playing consoles. Each has its own special benefits and drawbacks, but the Sims game hasn’t changed it style or its substance since its inception several years ago. The game play has advanced a bit and the graphics have certainly become more impressive, but the main concept of the game stays the same and Sims 3 brings lot to the table that still is incredibly fun to play with. Perfect for all ages and people with imagination.

If you aren’t familiar with the World of Sims you will find that it is very simple. It’s a game that lets you create an environment, not much unlike the one we already live in, and gives your simulated character (hence, Sim) the ability to grow as a person. Just like real people however, Sims have daily needs. They need to eat, need to use the bathroom, need to have a job, need to pay bills and need to have friends and relationships. Sounds kind of mundane, but the fun is in the details. You can manage their development step-by-step, or choose to have them move swiftly on their own. There’s not a lot of fun in that, however. The real fun it taking it step by step, and seeing what they like and dislike. Remember, you are essentially in charge of their every move. Experiment. See what they can handle and like, and try to cater the actions to garner the reaction you want.

There is a vast amount of re-playability with Sims 3 and the Generations expansion certainly adds more. Whenever you are bored with living the life in a normal way, you can mix things up for your created universe. The basic idea of the game is to create a Sim and design its life like that of a real one. You can give it a house, a job, relationships and a family. Have them do ordinary things with ordinary results. If you have basically tapped your interest in that game play, you can get creative, and sometimes evil.

One of the ways you can mix things up is to try and mess around at your Sims job. Maybe not go to work a few days in a row. See what happens. Perhaps your Sim is getting a bit randy and their significant other isn’t around, you can play digital adultery with the neighbor. Or, you can create a room without any doors or bathrooms and feed your Sim and watch them squirm. Sounds terrible, but it’s something can be cone on Sims 3 if you have an evil way of entertaining yourself.

Overall Sims Generations is a welcome addition to the Sims series and has further helped the series evolve into a pretty impressive game set with year upon year improvements and additions. The game play is still really fun, as is the variety of things you can make your Sim do. The computer I played it on is a few years old, but the graphics and overall playing was smooth and faced no hiccups. If you are looking for a fun game to keep your busy for hours, or even weeks at a time, Sims 3 Generations will definitely impress and add to the entertainment that the Sims offer.